Our Sector Experts

Our Sector Experts

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Rahul Shewale
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Chief Executive Officer
Rahul specialises in water resources, watershed development, within Government and private sectors including mining/oil and gas/ land developers/ farmers/green field to brown field. Providing life of project environmental services, from partnering with the development team during feasibility phase through to consulting with the operational team throughout expansion and production.

Rahul provides advisory on international market entry implementation & M&A negotiations, and has advised leading mid-market and rapidly emerging businesses across India, Australia, USA & Canada.
Uwe Dannwolf
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Risk Analysis Expert
Uwe provides companies, governments, and other institutions with advice on risk management. His experience ranges from landfills to hazardous waste incinerators, from mine projects to corporate risk management systems in mining companies, from CCS projects to geothermal projects, from nuclear projects to gas pipelines, from harbour to tunnel construction projects.

Uwe and his team has been contracted to assess the risks associated with fracking for extraction of unconventional gas reservoirs (shale gas) in Germany.

This involves writing groundwater monitoring guidelines for the German Government.
Dr John Devadas
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Hydrogeology Expert
John has 15 years as a geologist / hydro-geologist throughout India and Singapore.

Johns is an expert in calculating and auditing water resource systems with data that determines the licenses for companies and bodies requesting to use river resources.

Having a Phd in Hydrogeology from Andhra University in 1995. Prior to this JM.Sc. Geology from Andhra University in 1993 and B.Sc.(Geology, Physics, Chemistry) from Andhra University in 1991.

He has more than 30 leading national and international technical papers, presentation, and conference proceedings related to geology and hydrogeology.
Dr. Sankaran
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Chief Advisory Expert
Dr Sankaran has over 30 Years research experience in groundwater Exploration and in Environmental Impact assessment Studies.

This includes Groundwater exploration and locating more than thousand sites in various states of India. Turn-key projects in drought areas like Rayalaseema and Chittoor, Salem Districts.

Including Environmental Impact Assessment of groundwater contamination around Kochi refinery area (Kochi Refinery, Ernakulam, Kerala)

Ecological restoration of lakes around Hyderabad

River restoration Periyar- Kochi, Palar-Ranipet, Kaveri & Bhavani - Erode

Assessment of impact of effluent discharges and solid waste dumps around Hyderabad

Dr Sankaran is a Member of the International Association Hydrologists and has
Authored more than 50 research papers and 150 Tech Reports and is an External Examiner at Osmania,Andhra & Anna Universities, VIT Vellore, SRM Chennai.
Dr. Vikram Pattarkine
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Waste Management Expert
Vikram is instrumental in founding companies related to environmental stewardship and renewable energy, and holds board-level and C-level positions in these companies and has achieved prestigious professional committee nominations as an expert on nutrient management, energy conservation, and renewable energy.

Vikram provides expertise with M&A and technical evaluation of companies, including strategic guidance to investors of renewable energy and resource recovery.
Ashok Kumar
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Climate Change Expert
Ashok kumar is passionate and dedicated Climate Change and Water Resources Specialist and has conducted extensive research in areas of Water Resources and Coastal Engineering. Ashok has over 25 years of professional experiences in Coastal Processes, Hydrogeological applications, Climate Change and its Impact on Water Resources and in applied research and academics.

Ashok kumar has conducted extensive research in areas of Climate Change Impacts on Groundwater Hydrology, Hydrogeology, Seawater Intrusion Studies, Ground Water Quality Analysis, Coastal Environment, Coastal Regulation Zones and Coastal Engineering Processes. In addition to Climate Change he has also more than 25 years of Professional Experiences in Monitoring and Interpretation of Seawater Intrusion Studies along Tamilnadu Coasts, Ground Water Investigation, Water Shed Studies, Groundwater Potential Assessment, Geophysical Resistivity Survey and Electrical Logging of Bore wells.

Academically, he has interdisciplinary majors such as M.Sc., Degree in Marine Geology, and M.Phil., in Geology from University of Madras and M.S., by Research in “Ocean Engineering” from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras and by Profession a Water Resources Expert in Water Resources Department of Government of Tamilnadu for the last 25 years with exemplary and unblemished services in Government of Tamilnadu, Chennai.
Iouri Vaisman
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Water Engineering Expert
Iouri is a civil – construction engineer with over 20 years extensive professional experience in the water industry both in Australia and internationally.

Iouri is an expert in large scale stormwater harvesting, strategic planning of water recycling schemes, sustainability in housing including grey water and stormwater reuse, stormwater management strategies and hydraulics studies, drainage and Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD).

Iouri is a well-respected member of many professional bodies in Australia, and has been a reviewer of technical papers for the OZWATER conferences for the past 5 years, led the panel of judges for the SIA Stormwater Excellence Awards.

Iouri has designed and project managed a number of operational stormwater
harvesting schemes across Australia. Other projects include water reuse at Melbourne Airport, and the Frankston section of the Melbourne Eastlink freeway project.

Together we form an independent powerhouse group providing expert advice to clients across all areas within our sectors.

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T (+91) 9923317363  
E rahul@acwifer.com

15/2 Dynanesh Society
Warje Malwadi, Pune 411058

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