GHG Accounting

GHG Accounting

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Green House Gas Accounting - We help organizations to identify their carbon source and emissions and how reducing it can create a better business.

Carbon Footprint Assessment

Carbon foot printing assessment generates positive impact on the environment and increase business profitability. We have a panel of experts measuring and analysing carbon footprint of your organisation using globally accepted methodologies such as ISO 14064/CDP/WRI and other international standards.

We also explore for possibilities and provide solutions to offset the GHG emissions.

In short we prepare inventories of Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 emissions and recommend cost-effective actions to reduce company’s energy, water, solid waste, and operating costs.

Water Strategy and Footprint

The increasing worldwide interest in the causes and consequences of water availability and management has lead business to adopt ways to respond the challenges in relation to their consumption pattern.

Our experts in the water resources management will help to measure water use in relation to the consumption pattern and wastage. Water resources accounting and disclosure helps mapping water responsibly by the business.

Water Footprint assessment is carried out using international standards such as CDP/Water tools by WRI.

Typically we identify sources then -
Analyse – Measure – Account – Identify offsetting option – Verification – Report.

Our Environmental assessment services are designed to provide critical insights that can help organisations and local governments to identify risks and opportunities in environmental and social management plans that may impact their community and businesses.

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